It can be difficult to find quality Christian programming in this day and age, but thankfully, not every station has turned their eyes from God. Here are a few Christian shows that have seen us through the 21st century!

Adventures from the Book of Virtues

In these lively animated tales, two children learn valuable lessons from friends like Plato the bison and Socrates the bobcat. Each episode contains a traditional moral story made modern by one of the children’s day-to-day problems.

Touched by an Angel

Two angels, a kind-hearted newbie and her tough love ” Read the rest of this entry »


Secular television programming often contains material that can offend Christians. When they would rather avoid watching offensive television shows, they may search for Catholic programming. Catholic programming can be difficult to locate on cable and network TV. Catholics have a number of options available to them when they want to find programming that falls in line with the Church’s approval.

More cable and satellite providers are making this programming available to viewers. They realize that families need viewing Read the rest of this entry »


It seems like there is a television channel for everything these days–golf, homes and gardens and even video games. Why not television channels for religions? There are numerous such channels, and much of the content can be found online. Below is a list of some of the websites where you can find Catholic programming.

-EWTN Global Catholic Network. EWTN has a number of religious programs and specials, including shows for children. You can watch EWTN live on its website, which Read the rest of this entry »


Yesterday, I was looking at Texas Energy Companies when I stumbled upon an article that was comparing the success of the Left Behind book series with the abysmal movie offerings that were made as adaptations. Truth be told, I had no real problem with the films until I actually took the time to read the books and after doing that, I can now safely see why there was such a difference.

The long short of the Left Behind series is that the rapture comes to earth and more than a quarter of the Earth’s population is whisked away by God. What soon follows is chaos, political intrigue, the rise of the anti-Christ, conspiracy and personal tragedy felt by those who were left behind and are trying to repent for missing the first train out. The books did a good job of fleshing out the characters and the situation while keeping the action tight. The movies, not so much. The movies were more akin to action films that did little to capture the allegorical essence of the source materials and that is why they failed.

If you want good Christian fiction, stick to the books and leave behind the movies. Besides, the books are always better.


If you are looking for Christian or Catholic channels or websites below is the most updated list where you can view the information and interact with fellow believers:
I have found a website which provides TV programming as well website info. Children programs, news, libraries and daily masses are all included are free to view. The website offers Spanish and German version and can be seen at any time of day or night. Radio and religious catalogue are also included as well as the link to Read the rest of this entry »


You can easily find Christian and Catholic programs online. Before you search for a program, you have to be clear about the kind of program you want. There are different kinds of programs. There are radio programs, video programs, reading programs and other types of programs. The more important issue is what you expect to get out of a program. For instance, if you want to learn more about the Bible, you can find many different Bible programs that teach each and every book of the Bible form the old and new testament.

If you are Read the rest of this entry »


There a number of channels on television and online that feature Catholic and Christian programming. TBN is one such station. There is also the DayStar Network which is run by Pat Robertson. Pat Robertson is a very influential Christian speaker, televangelist, and author that has published dozens of books. He runs his own television station, and he started it from scratch. There are several other competing networks, but he has an edge because he is included on channel 2 as Read the rest of this entry »


It is difficult in this day in age to find good Christian programing. The television channels buzz with shows contrast to Christian and Catholic beliefs. With a little effort, one should be sure that he or she can find positive Christian programing on their own televisions. One of the most commonly known television programs for Christians is VCY America. This program captivates a whole channel dedicated to Christianity. With multiple segments, one should be sure to find a program he or she would be specifically interested in. The program “The 700 Club” Read the rest of this entry »


The internet has become the real source of family-friendly media. Finally a real choice, and multiple sources and a genuine variety of Christian and Catholic programming is available on the internet. The quality is high and viewers can find and select programming that fits their needs more precisely than anything offered on the traditional broadcast and cable system networks. The believing internet searcher makes the decision and choice from a huger variety of global sources, even the Vatican offers selections. Bible teachings are available from denominations and the new Hebrew Roots movement Read the rest of this entry »